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I Wish I Knew These Things Before Having My First Child

Children are a blessing and a welcome addition to any family. They bring joy and giggles and laughter to a home. People usually assume that they will always feel a rush of love towards their babies. After all, who could resist such a cute little smile? Most new parents are however wondering how come nobody told them some things that they are only discovering?

Sleep is a precious commodity               

Set aside your regular sleep schedule for later because you won’t need it. How come no one ever says that babies don’t sleep right for the first few months of their lives? You’re probably wondering whether they have a real problem telling night and day apart.

They really don’t come with an instruction manual

All the books out there couldn’t prepare you for this. Read them by all means but just know that it’s not going to be as easy as it seems. Moments will come when you have no clue what the baby wants and they just won’t stop crying!

Costs will just spring up on you

No amount of shopping can prepare you for the shockers you will meet along the way. The baby will be growing so fast that the first 5 sets of matching little outfits don’t fit anymore after a few weeks. Diapers are another thing that will feature constantly on your list for the next two years or so. You only realize how serious it is when you don’t need to buy diapers anymore. Your wallet retains money a little more at this time and you just can’t help but smile. It’s the little things they say!

You won’t know what hit you

Once the little bundle is in your hands you life automatically changes. You don’t realize it until someone points it out that you actually care about the contents of a plate or a juice bottle. Your life slowly begins to revolve around this baby and you don’t even realize it.

Privacy, out the window

Meals are shared and so is bed time. Sometimes you have to include them in one way or the other into your bath time or just shower in the middle of the night when they couldn’t possibly be awake. Your definition of me time can actually fall under managing to have 5 minutes alone on the toilet seat without anyone banging the door or calling out your name!

Even after wishing someone told you all this earlier you would still go ahead and get a child wouldn’t you? They truly are worth all the drama and sacrifice.

Bayo Ajibola

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