I’m in love with our family doctor. He is very young and kind. What do I do?

Please hide my identity. I know a lot of people may think I am sick or something but I am certain about how I feel. I am in love with my family doctor and there is absolutely no doubt it. My husband and I have been his patient for some months now. He was recommended to us by a family friend who happens to have him as her family doctor too. This particular doctor is young, soft spoken and very empathetic. When I go to see him, he understands my plight and also my medical condition. I don’t think I have met a doctor who is as empathetic as him. He understands me so well as if he is having similar symptoms as me. I have a health challenge so I need to see him at least three times a month. He comes to the house sometimes when there is absolutely need for it and I can say, I have the best experience with him. 

Since I started visiting him, my health has improved a lot and it makes him admire him so much. I have started liking him and it is also one of the reasons why I go to see him at the hospital more frequently. I go to see him every week so that we could talk more. He is very free and not as uptight as most doctors I have met. He is very jovial, smart, caring and very good-looking. He is tall and has a good sense of humor. When he walks, I can’t help but admire his brisk steps. He speaks fluently and shows how much of a smart person he is. When he speaks, I gaze in awe because I’m marvelled at how enlightened he is about so many things. 

He is very versatile. He is knowledgable not just is the health sector but also in other fields. He knows so much about politics, music, sports, entertainment and entrepreneurship. If you see him discussing politics, you will wonder if at all he crossed the four walls of a medical school talk more of graduating as a medical doctor. On such days, you can easily mistake him for a barrister or lawyer. He also supports my football team which makes it very easy for us to talk about sports. Even though, I don’t know much about sports, he breaks it down for me and makes being a fan easier. He also like entrepreneurship. I honestly admire people that love business. The fact that he is a medical doctor, earns well and still look for other sources of income makes me admire him the more.

He is really a cool guy and I like him a lot. I love him and I would want us to have something in common even if it is just sex at intervals. I just want to have a taste of him and still maintain the good relationship we both have. There will be no strings attached, we will just have sex and continue living our lives normally. Whatever we do will not stop him from having a girlfriend or being involved with other girls. I like him so much but I don’t know how to tell him. I have been sending silent signals but he seems not to be understanding them. Or probably, he understands them but deliberately doesn’t want to talk about it or open up to me about how he feels. I love him so much and I want to let him know that. Please how do I tell him since he is acting like he doesn’t know I love him? 

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