I’m pregnant and my husband wants me to get rid of the baby. Please help.

I am in a bad situation right now. I need all the help and support possible. I am a married woman and my husband and I are blessed with four lovely kids. They are all grown, not so much though. The eldest is 21 while the youngest is 7. We have agreed not to have kids anymore and focus on raising the ones we already have. However, we are still sexually active and recently, I found out that I am pregnant. I was really shocked and worried. Initially, I was very scared and I didn’t even know how to tell my husband about it. Apart from how he will react, I didn’t know how I would raise a child after about six years of not giving birth. I didn’t know how to cope so I was really scared and disturbed. 

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I spoke to my close friend who advised me to tell my husband about it. According to her, I can’t hide it forever and I knew she was making sense. She also said that the earlier I told him about it, the better, at least we could start making plans and opening up our minds to the fact that we’re going to have another child. Even though I knew she was saying the right thing, I was still scared. I agreed to tell my husband but I never had the courage to do so. My friend kept on calling me to remind me. I was visibly worried and my husband even noticed. He asked me a few times what the problem was but I insisted I was fine. 

On a certain evening, I was tired of being worried, it wasn’t as if I cheated on him or it was a crime for me to be pregnant for my husband. I summoned courage and I left our room and met him in the sitting room. He knew I wanted to talk and he turned down the volume of the TV. There was no need to beat around the bush, I simply told him I was pregnant as I maintained eye contact with him. He was surprised. After some time of silence, He asked me when I found out. I told him and he said it’s still early that I should get rid of the baby. I was shocked to my bones. Yes, I was not expecting him to welcome the news with open arms but the last thing I ever imagined he’d say to me was to get rid of my baby, our child. Our flesh and blood. 

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Without mincing words I told him I would do no such thing, he left and went into the room. The following day and even throughout the week, our communication was poor. I tried starting a conversation with him but all to no avail. When he came back from work one day, I spoke to him in a low tone and gave him reasons why we should keep the baby but he disagreed. He said we were struggling and the kids we already have were growing rapidly and their school fees were also increasing. He maintained that we should focus on the kids we already have and give them the best education and training they could get instead of giving birth to more kids. 

I understood him well but I couldn’t end my own child. I continued pleading with him but he refused. I had to speak with his mom and she also tried to beg him. He turned deaf ears to every plea and insisted I do as he said. I am tired and confused. I don’t know what to do about it. Please help me out. 

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