I’m pregnant for a man who has refused to marry me.

I am confused as I write to you. I am 24 and I met this man who I have been talking with for some time. He stays in a different city and we met online on Instagram. We spoke frequently and he had very great vibes and I liked him for that. Our communication improved by the day and he asked me to be his girlfriend after we spoke for three months. We have never met but our communication is great. I agreed because I liked him and he was comfortable too. He was rich and was quite open minded. In terms of looks, he was tall, dark and really cute. There was nothing not to love about him. Even though we haven’t met, he sends me money regularly and cares about my welfare. We confided in each other and also helped solve our problems when we could. 

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Two months after he asked me to be his girlfriend, he said he was coming to see me where I was staying and as expected I was very happy. He came as promised and got me a lot of nice things. However, I realized that while we were together, he wasn’t all that free with me as he used to be whenever we chat online. I was wondering what was wrong but I couldn’t place it. I asked if he was okay and he replied in the positive. He only said he was tired from the trip and all. We had sex that night and before he traveled back, we visited some places and took some pictures. After he went back, things changed between us. Our communication was reduced and I kept wondering what was wrong. 

Many times he will not call or text me. When I do, he does not reply early. He replies very late and he does not show any form of enthusiasm for speaking with me as he did before. I asked him many times if I wronged him and he said I didn’t. Things continued to get bad between us and I couldn’t help but cry and complain to him many times but that didn’t solve anything. Two weeks later, I found out that I was pregnant. I was scared because I didn’t know what his response or reaction would be considering the fact that our communication has not been great lately. After so much thought, I summoned courage and called him. He was cold on the phone but that did not stop me from telling him what was up. When I told him he was mute but after some time, he told me that he was not going to marry me and advised I get rid of the baby. 

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I was sad. I couldn’t believe my ears. He said he was going to send me money and asked me to do as he said. I am in a mess right now and I don’t know what to do. I come from a Christian home and I can’t touch this child. I can’t even keep it either because my parents wouldn’t hear of it. I have pleaded with this guy over and over again but it seems his mind is made up. He has sent me the money and contact of who to call but I can’t do such a thing. I am very confused. I have a job and I don’t even know how to cope with everything that is going on in my life. He does not answer my calls anymore and I don’t know where he stays or anything much about him so I can’t even do anything. Please help me. I’m very confused. I need your help. 

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