I’m not compatible with my husband

Hello there. I’d like to find out how you can determine whether you’re not compatible with your partner or it’s simply just a phase in your marriage. I’ve been told marriages go through a lot of turmoil but I’m not sure mine is normal and worth staying for.

It’s been two years of marriage and it feels like we’re totally incompatible. I’ve been paying all our bills and expenses and my husband only contributes when I ask him for money. He never does it willingly. I make more money than he does and it seems like he became reluctant to pay the bills because of that.

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We sat down and had a conversation about it and he promised to change but it just feels the same. I have supported him and his plans but I feel like I’m not making any progress. He has really pulled me backward and I feel like he isn’t the right man for me. Everything is just stagnant since we started living together!

We’re incompatible

He says I am lucky and things move smoothly for me but I don’t see that. I think he’s not doing enough. My life and career feel stuck since we moved in together. He’s not even looking at helping me build my career. I’m a qualified accountant and he only finished high school. I don’t even love or respect him anymore.

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Am I being selfish? He says yes to everything I say and doesn’t give an opinion unless I ask. He’s pulling me back and I don’t want this life for myself. I want to leave him since there’s really no future here.

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