Am I really an insecure wife?

I got married a few years ago but the marriage ended badly. It was quite a heartbreak for me considering his people just made the relationship difficult. About three years later I met someone else, fell in love, and got married. He now claims I’m an insecure wife.

Insecure wife tendencies

I’ll admit I often check his phone including his social media accounts but now he’s changed his password. There’s an ex of his that he regularly talks to but he says there’s nothing going on between them. I can’t take that so I asked him to stop talking to her or I’ll call her and ask her to stop. He says he will eventually get to it and I should let him do so in his own time and way.

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For this reason we’ve been fighting regularly, almost every week. Just last week we got into it and he said I don’t respect him, I’m insecure, and I’m monitoring him too much. Now he says I’m too combative and he never feels like coming home because of my questions. According to him, I’ll make him run mad or die of hypertension so instead he’s decided to leave me.

Stressful complications

I recently found out I’m two months pregnant for him but he says he’ll support the baby from a distance. He hasn’t spoken to me for over a week now and I’ve just been crying and praying. I have a three year-old from my previous marriage and I don’t want to be a single mother of two kids from different men. All this is really stressful and I’ve been praying for a miscarriage. I don’t think I have the strength to carry this pregnancy to term and raise the children by myself but I can’t terminate it because it’s a sin. I feel like I have no love at all for this unborn baby.

Begging him to stay so we can resolve our issues hasn’t been successful. He is still saying I’m a nagging, disrespectful, and insecure wife. I had prayed for a man to marry me and I thought my prayers had been answered when I found him but now this has happened. Is he really justified to act this way? What will people think of me?

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