It was after he finished making love to me that I realised that he was not my husband but his brother – Wife

One Mr Akande is asking an Igando Customary Court to dissolve his 35-year marriage on the grounds of infidelity but his wife insists it was all a mistake.

Mrs. Kudirat Ajayi, told the Court that she slept with her brother-in-law by mistake because she mistook him for her husband.

She said: “I was in bed in the night when my husband’s younger brother came to the house my husband rented for me.

“I thought it was my husband who normally comes to the house at that particular time between 9pm and 10pm to play and sleep with me.

“It was after he finished making love to me that I realised that he was not my husband.

“When I queried him, he claimed that my husband had travelled. That was why he came to have sex with me.

“I reported the case to my brother’s wife, who advised me not to tell my brother so that peace can reign in the family.”

She also said that her husband treated the children of his other wives better than hers.

In his submission to the court, Akande said: “When I married her, I rented an apartment for her because I have other wives and I don’t want them to live together.

“I started hearing from neighbours that my wife was having an affair with a man. Initially I ignored the information until her lover came, claiming paternity of one of my children.

“The man eventually came to the house, but I refused to open the door for him.

“When I questioned my wife, she confessed that the man slept with her, but it did not result in pregnancy,” Akande added.

The 71-year-old businessman said his wife was also fetish.

“I once caught her burying something in my compound. I accosted her and tried to remove what she buried there, but I could not.

“I went out. Before I returned, she had cemented the place.”

He urged the court to dissolve the union saying he no longer loved her but Kudirat prayed the court not to dissolve her marriage because she still loved her husband.

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