Jim Iyke apologizes for urinating by the road side in a sarcastic way

Popular Nollywood actor Jim Iyke has apologized in a sarcastic way to his fans on Instagram for urinating by the roadside.

According to him, he’s apologizing but will do it again if the situation arises.


He wrote;

“Ok ok I’d like to apologise to my people for pissing by the roadside. It was due to nature’s call beyond my control. I no kill person. I no piss R.Kelly piss. I also wanna assure you if the situation arises again I promise I’ll do it all over again without an iota of remorse. Pls accept my TOOL felt apologies. The superhumans that were offended wey no dey piss can piss off.Those that get the inside joke keep pissing, laughing and winning joor. Let me come and be going home. I have work to do and salaries to pay. Let the pissing contest commence. God bless. 🤣😎 #Harvpapa #Gladysboi #StylePiper #WineRedErrytin #PissOffChronicles”

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