John Dumelo Talks On The Type Of Lady He Wants As His Wife

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Ghanaian Prolific actor, John Dumelo, has said he wouldn’t want a situation where he would be financially dependent on his woman, because according to him, the tendency of women to be disrespectful when they are richer is actually high.

Dumelo shed light on this on a TV program dubbed ‘What Men Like’, and the conversation was centered on whether men like dating ladies who are financially well off.

The actor also went ahead to explain the kind of woman he would love to settle for.

“I just want a woman who is OK but the potential is there to be rich, for us to be rich together. She’s ambitious, she’s a go getter, she’s entrepreneurial. We can get the money together.”

He added that if he had to date a woman like that, he would just have to make sure not to depend on her financially.

“I don’t mind going out with a woman who has more money than I do but I would make sure I have my own money as well. I wouldn’t want a case where I depend on the woman financially”.

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