Juju Reportedly Backfires In The Labour Room As Husband Denies Wife And New Baby

A Twitter user and medical doctor popularly known as Dr Penking has shared a recent experience of what happened in the theater during a surgical procedure.

In his words,

“Obstetrician saw a waist bead on the waist of a patient on the OP table for CS and asked the Health attendant to cut it. The husband’s eyes clear. Man left her and the new baby in the hospital. Said he has never married in his life. Apparently the waist beads were Kayamanta. Why do women do this?”

This has raised a lot of reactions from numerous Nigerians as many people have one or two things to say. While some believe it and condemn the use of Kayanmata, some others are doubting the situation.

Now we ask, can this happen so fast or is it exaggerated?

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