Justin Timberlake Gets A Big Hug From ‘Bat Kid’ Who Runs Onto Golf Course During Celebrity Tournament

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The heartwarming moment a little boy ran out onto a golf course to hug Justin Timberlake as the singer took part in the ongoing tournament. He was captured on camera and it was a special moment.

The artiste who has been playing in the American Century Championship golf tournament in Lake Tahoe since last week, was on the golf course playing on Tuesday, when the child dressed in Bat Man costume bolted out and ran straight to the actor to show him love. Justin further warmed hearts when he picked the little child up and hugged him before lifting him high in the air. The young fan seemed excited by the encounter with his idol.

Afterwards, the father-of-one carried the child and proceeded to look for his parents. The photo has warmed hearts all over the world and is sure to get the star even more fans.
More photos below.

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