How to keep your head high as a single mother

Bayo Ajibola
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How to keep your head high as a single mother

Single mothers deserve all the respect for the sacrifices they have made to raise their children. It is not easy being a sole parent raising a child in a society that advocates for a family. Single motherhood is a lifetime commitment one that can be lonely and full of changes. Despite the challenges, here is how to keep your head high at all times:

  1. Understand it is not your fault that you are a single mother – Being a single mother is not a mistake and it sure is not your fault. Every parent desires to raise their child with their partners. But sometimes, things happen making it impossible to do so. Single motherhood is not something to be blamed for but instead an opportunity to do right by your kids expecting little or no help from anybody.
  2. Be inspired by success stories of other single mothers – Barrack Obama is a leading example of how single mothers do a great job at raising their kids. When you are insecure about your abilities as a single mum, look into other single women who raised successful kids. It does not have to be an inspirational story like Obama’s but even within your family or networks is a single mum doing a great job.
  3. Applaud yourself for small wins in raising your child – As a single parent learn to celebrate yourself when you get your child to do something. Whether it is something simple like using the toilet or sticking to a bedtime routine, there is no one else to congratulate you for this small wins. Think of the effort you put into getting your child to do something and applaud yourself for when they finally get it.
  4. Remember that besides you, your child has no one else to depend on – As a single mother, you are everything for your child. They depend on you for basic needs, emotional and psychological support. As such you cannot afford to be beaten for so long. It is okay to feel down and broken for a little while but you need to bounce back in no time and be a hero to your child.
  5. Spend some quality time away from your child once in a while – Take some time off your parenting duties and spend time with friends enjoying the little pleasures of life. Go to movies, festivals and treat yourself to small pleasures. You get to release some steam and feel more rejuvenated afterward for your parenting duties. Remember you need to be happy and full of positive vibes for the wellbeing of your child.


Being a single mother is a blessing in disguise one that sets you off on a lifetime journey with your child. It is nothing to be ashamed of or be miserable about but instead something to congratulate yourself on. Raising a child to be successful, God fearing and a distinguished member of the society all single-handedly is a success that nothing else can compare to. As a single mother, do not be put down by opinions or comments. Instead, lift your head high remembering that you owe no one anything besides the children you are raising.

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