How to keep technology from ruining your marriage

Bayo Ajibola
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How to keep technology from ruining your marriage Most people know to steer clear of dating apps when they’re in a relationship. Chapter and verse has been written on the cases wherein a committed partner picks up a cell phone only to find that their romantic counterpart isn’t equally devoted to the pairing. This piece isn’t about why you shouldn’t send nudes to strangers or why sexting should be limited to your intimate partner. It’s about how the digital age can be tough on a relationship and how you can protect yours.

The couple that watches together stays together… Or at least has mutual cultural touchstones to discuss over dinner. If you’re in one room bingeing a comedy and your beloved is is another watching a rom com on her tablet you’re technically together, as in the same domicile, but you’re not having a shared experience of the kind that builds inside jokes or common references. These are those little moments couples share that help build and maintain their bond.

A lot of people keep a phone or tablet plugged in beside the bed to use an an alarm clock. But if that bedside device results in you and your partner lying side by side but interacting remotely with other people, it somewhat undermines the intimacy having a shared sleeping space is meant to engender.

So use technology wisely. It’s a godsend for a multitude of purposes. But it can also drive a ‘digital wedge’ between you and your life mate even if neither of you is swiping right or sexting outside the relationship

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