Kevin Hart Speaks On Facts That He Cheated On His Wife

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Kevin Hart has finally spoken up days after a video surfaced showing him in a suspicious position with a strange woman.

In case you missed all the drama permit me to brief you, the comic actor was caught with this strange woman in a sedan for about 20 minutes, outside of a luxury Miami hotel around 5:00 a.m. The eyewitness who leaked the story claimed that the duo hung out at the LIV nightclub before getting into the car together. But shortly after the photos and video surfaced, Kevin shared a meme on his Instagram, an attempt to laugh over the story.

Well, it didn’t work, because this is not the first time the actor would be caught in that position; his first wife Torrei had previously accused him of cheating on her with Eniko, who Hart eventually married last year.

Well, today Hart is sorta, kinda, denying the latest allegation; like he did the first time Torrei called him out.

view what he posted:

But fans aren’t taking this homily.

But did you cheat?” One Instagrammer asked him, and another added, “I tell ya when a dude has fucked up they start talking all that Jibber Jabber. I’m always like yeah yeah yeah. Smh.


See other reactions:

  • only1_msjazz: “I grew up where my parents always told me. “If u didn’t do anything at all.. then why are explaining yourself” 🤷🏾‍♀️”
  • imani_h “I hate when celebrities talk in circles after a scandal 🙄
  • kwazykawai: “I was distracted by all the bad grammar. I read this multiple times, and it still doesn’t make sense. He def didn’t deny anything. That’s for sure.”
  • asvp_wendel@stoopkid_ : “If he didn’t do anything then he don’t gotta deny or confirm. The REAL truth did that for him already.”
  • heytheregabbi: “Um he didn’t deny the rumors though.. Lol but whatever it’s his business not mines.. I guess that’s his way of denying it…

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