Khloe Kardashian too pressured to give daughter True a middle name

Khloe Kardashian who welcomed her daughter True a month ago has opted not to give her a middle name as she had found it difficult enough to come up with one.

She said: “True doesn’t have a middle name – for now. It was enough pressure to pick a first name. I have a couple of names in mind, I’m just not completely sure about it yet.”

The star added that she might give her daughter a middle name in the future, but isn’t worried about it if nothing comes to mind.

Writing on her app,, she said: “I plan to take my time and decide if I’ll give her one at all. I can add it at any time and it’s easy to get on the birth certificate.”

She said: “Picking a name for your child is really so tough! I knew I wanted my baby to have a ‘T’ initial, so one night while we were all at dinner, thinking of some names, my Grandma M.J. suggested True.”


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