Ladies! Can you pray to God to let your husband so broke so he won’t have money to cheat?

A Nigerian lady posted a comment on relationship expert, Joro Olomofin’s Instagram page after reading a post of a cheating husband and his side chick.

The young lady who is fed up of hearing stories of cheating husbands believes most men cheat because they have the money.

See her post below;

“God please let my husband be so broke so he won’t have money to cheat and he will love me and cherish me. Let me be the head of the family in terms of money. When he is broke side chick won’t want him. I pray this for myself and all ladies reading this in Jesus name Amen. We ladies deserve peace. This is the only solution. Take a man’s money away he will be a loyal husband. Every lady reading this. I wish this for you all. Happiness. Amen.”

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