Lady drags men who says Nigerian women don’t like flowers but have never bought one

A lady took to Twitter to slam men who are always in search of excuses on why they aren’t extra in romantic surprises.

@Falilat tweeted;

“Nigerian men that always look for an excuse to invite you to their house are talking about their women only wanting to go to restaurants, maybe you should propose something else if you are serious. “Nigerian women don’t like flowers” how many you don buy first?

Which beautiful sunset sight do we have in Nigeria that we want to see? You have a roof to stay sit on to watch the stars? Nigerian men that can’t keep their hands to themselves without violating your body are talking about just holding hands in silence. Tebakosi Funmi nisin

Nigerian men that want you to assume yourself into a relationship are now pandering as Overraw best in romance on Twitter. You want to go sunset seeing for Egbeda? Talking about golf and what not. Ogaju!

Nigerian men will suggest a picnic so that you will cook homemade foods come because the problem of their lives starts and ends with food. Go on a picnic date and find the perfect avenue to fulfill their fantasy of having sex in a public place. Please make everybody getat.

“Nigerian women can’t hold a conversation” rich coming from people that can’t stay on the course of a conversation without switching it to something sexual. Nigerian men discuss no dey pass “What are you up to” like Bruno Mars and they are never not bored.”

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