Lady left in shock after discovering her husband is gay

A Nigerian lady has narrated how she found out that her husband has been cheating on her with a man saying she noticed her husband has been acting strangely, and seeming like he’s seeing another woman.

She then decided to put a tracking device on his car and was shocked after she found out that her husband is gay.

She narrated:

“This is the first time I would be saying this out publicly but I can’t take it anymore because my life is ruined.

So my husband has been acting really strange and moving out at nights and I thought he was seeing another woman. Foolish me.

I tried everything I could to catch him red-handed but he was playing so smart.

So I secretly to get a car tracker for his car and trace him to where he usually goes at night.

Three days ago, I traced him and got the greatest shock of my life. I followed behind him and when I got to where he parked his car, it was not even what I was thinking. It was far worse than what I thought.

Do you know that this man is having an affair with his fellow man? Watching my own husband kissing his fellow man is the height of it. I can’t deal”.

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