Lady narrates how a guy she rejected, got her girlfriend pregnant twice, duped her, and impregnated another woman

A Nigerian lady with the Twitter handle @Otomme has narrated how she dodged a sham of a man after he impregnated her girlfriend twice and moved on to another woman he also impregnated.

she tweeted;

4 years ago this guy was steady on my case, like! Nigga was consistent, but I just didn’t find him attractive in any way. A few months later, while he was still chasing me I learned he impregnated my friend I never told her he was on my case though & nigga never knew we were friends.

Sis just got admission around the time she got pregnant, she suspended everything because of the pregnancy and started the business, supply business so yeah, she was making money, enough to cater for certain needs. They were happy, she gave birth to the most beautiful baby ever..

Less than a year later, mama was pregnant again After the second child, Oga said their house was too tight and they needed a bigger space, they were still house hunting when I relocated, after a while, I lost contact with my friend.

A few days ago, I saw her and man! she was a shadow of herself, fine light-skinned girl now looks darker than me, I couldn’t recognize her. When I got home they gave me a gist, the girl raised funds from her business to support the rent, Oga said it wasn’t enough…

Mama had to use from her business capital and even borrowed from Microfinance to complete the rent, she handed the funds over to him & he rented the place, but guess what? He moved into the house with another woman.

Apparently he got another woman pregnant and her family insisted on marriage, so Oga did traditional & white wedding, while living with my friend (who he is yet to marry), rented a house with the money they both contributed & moved into it with his new(official) wife.

When she found out she was devastated, fell into depression, plus she is indebted & now has two kids to cater for Yes, the man is Urhobo This life, pray you don’t end up with someone unfortunate”.

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