Lady narrates what his father did after he was advised by family to marry another wife so he gave have a son

A Twitter user’s father is being praised after she narrated how his father ignores his friends and family advice to marry another wife because his wife could not bore him a male child.

Ehi Enabs tweeted: ‘Shout out to my father for telling his family and friends to fuck off when they tried to pressure him into having a son outside because the only son he has na half pikin (autistic) and the rest are “girls” so he is childless. My guy told them to fuck off, then spoiled us rotten.’

She added: ‘My old man was talking. He was like “Ehi, when I die, if anyone brings a child to the funeral, saying it is mine, don’t even bother with DNA, just use broom and sweep them out of the house, you guys are all i have and I’m okay with my decision. I made the right one” ‘

Below is he post and some reactions:

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