Lady reveals why she neglects her boyfriend, and prefers sleeping with another man

A lady has revealed how she desists from sleeping with her boyfriend, and prefers sleeping with another man to avoid losing her value.

She claimed to be sleeping with her boyfriend only once in a month, while she sleeps with another guy everyday, because she doesn’t see her future with him.

In her words;

“So my boyfriend and I sleep with each other once in a month. It’s not like I don’t like s*x but I don’t want our relationship to be centred around it anytime we meet. I love him very much but I need to set standards for him to see value in me, but deep down, I crave for it everyday.

Recently, I’ve been seeing this guy, I don’t love him, I don’t see my future with him so I feel comfortable having s** with him everyday. I don’t mind if he sees me as a whore, I’m his using him to satisfy my urge”.

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