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Life As A Mom Before Kids And After Kids

Life is all about changes and nothing changes your life more than becoming a parent! Before your life with kids, it was all fun and games, but as soon as your first child came into this world, things got serious AND heavy, smelly, dirty and every other gross thing you can imagine!

But in the end, you won’t change it for the world! Having kids is the best thing many parents say has ever happened to them and that it changed their world for the better. Here are some ways life has drastically changed for many moms:

  1. High heels were a must

Before kids, you’d be able to wear sky-high heels and walk in them all day and night. And you didn’t care if you feet hurt because you knew you looked good and that was all that mattered. After kids, it’s is a totally different story…you no longer care about style and all you want is comfort! Your trips to the mall no longer involve finding the right heels for that new outfit, but finding the right pair of flats that can sustain your new busy life as a mom (with no blisters!).

2. You went to the bathroom by yourself

Okay, so this is pretty much an obvious one that everyone does on their own, but it takes new meaning after you have kids. Once you have kids, you no longer have your own privacy when going to the bathroom. Either you have to bring along your baby when they’re really young or as soon as they start walking, they follow you and cry if you don’t let them in. And then, when they get older and you finally get to go by yourself again, your kids will still bug you as they bang on the door to hurry up.

  1. You could never have too many drinks

Before you had kids, you probably never really cared about how much you drank and always opted for that one extra drink. But all that changes after kids because that extra drink will kill you in the morning. If you thought being hung over sucks, you’ve never experience a hang over with kids around! It’s brutal and for some reason, getting drunk isn’t as appealing after you have kids.

  1. You wanted to show off your new clothes

Many women love clothes and nothing beat that feeling of stepping out in a brand new outfit! Well, all that goes out the window once you have kids because everything you own will end up dirty with spit, food, throw-up and stuff you don’t even know what it is. It’s the life of a mom and just pure science that kids and new clothes don’t mix.

  1. You used to enjoy food

Pre-kids, you used to go to fancy restaurants and really enjoy your foods. Or you’d take hours to prepare a new meal. But after kids, you’re always on the go that you’re lucky if you can pop in a few chips in your mouth! You no longer sit down for meals but eat standing up or in the car; and you never go to those fancy restaurants anymore…either because they don’t allow kids or because you don’t have money because everything is spent on your kids!

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