My long-distance marriage isn’t working

My husband and I have been married a little over two years. We have been blessed with a child who is now one year old. When we found out I was pregnant he asked me to move to our home in the village. His reason was that he didn’t see why he should pay for a bigger house yet there was a free house we could occupy. It sort of made sense and since I wanted to be a good submissive wife I agreed and we’re now in a long-distance marriage.

Unbonded long-distance marriage

This arrangement has left our family rather aloof from each other. We’re drifting apart. I’ve tried to make him see this and have us move back in together so we can bond but he is adamant. He spends very little time with the baby since he always has to go back in a hurry. Our relationship is barely existent.

His parents tell him there’s nothing wrong with this living arrangement. The mother tells me it is actually my duty to stay and take care of this home as he works to provide for us. When I agreed to move I honestly didn’t think it would affect our bond this way. I feel like the distance has even eroded our commitment to each other.

Futile attempts

During this past year I have sought the opinion of different marriage counselors and even asked them to speak to him but he has refused to change his mind. His parents’ opinion continues to override all others and they have the final say regardless of what I think.

This arrangement has gotten me so weary. Is it right for us to continue with it when it’s not working for one of us? I feel like we made this change too soon since we’re barely into our second year of marriage and it’s not serving us well. Sometimes it leaves me so confused and I just feel like leaving the marriage. I really need advice on what to do.

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