Love Bombing: How Cheating Accusations Transformed into Lavish Affection.

Bayo Ajibola

So I give my soon to be ex, him divorce papers after he accused me of cheating 5 months ago, via asking for a paternity test, while I was 34 weeks pregnant. I had my daughter soon after that. I have since moved be to my home town 6weeks ago when a loss in our family brought in a significant amount of unexpected money. It was technically all left to my sister as she is a decade older and apparently the will had been last updated in 92. Currently she is keeping it until my husband is out of my legal life.

He has found out, three weeks ago, (I believe from a cousin of mine who was also left out of the will) and ‘love-bombing’ me and is now doubling down and trying to convince the judge grant some sort of a reconciliation period.

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He has also began to convince our mutual friends that his brother ‘manipulated’ him into asking for the test. He is trying to convince everyone in our lives that I would be taking his daughter from him over ‘something so insignificant’.

I loved this man, I loved him with my whole f*cking soul. We’ve known eachother 20 years and it’s so fing hard to deal with this and pretend to be unaffected.

This is also effecting my job and my wider friend group now. He is friends with my boss (good friends since highschool) and has been showing up at my work ‘to see him’.

And as for my friends, it now feels like I have no one to talk to.

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I’m just so angry. He’s been trying to act like I’m over reacting. He’s even said, that I never loved him if I’d leave him over something so small. Guys I’m just so angry..and so freaking lonely right now.

Bayo Ajibola

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