Lovely! Mother shares adorable photos of her baby with his dogs

Bayo Ajibola

There is this saying that a dog is a man’s best friend and little Archie Spence seems to have found a buddy for life. The tot who is only a few months old usually goes off to dreamland clutching a toy with his beloved dog, Nora, in tow and his mother, Elizabeth is usually on hand to document their snoozy adventures 43-year-old Elizabeth from Manitoba, Canada said:

‘I thought it would be fun to document and share these daily love fests to show how awesome rescue dogs are.

‘The majority of people are overwhelmed by the evident love shared between them and are thrilled and moved to see it.

‘The occasional few express concern but are generally appeased when assured that the dogs and baby are never left sleeping together unattended.’ Speaking on how she captures the picture-perfect moment, Elizabeth said: ‘The photos really are not that difficult to take as the dogs and baby really do gravitate towards one another.

‘Generally, if I prep a shoot around Archie’s nap time I’ll be sure to get a lovely shot as at least one dog is sure to be hanging around hoping for a cuddle around that time.

‘While some might be weary of making dogs like these members of their households, as my experiences and photos attest, rescue dogs can be some of the gentlest, most loving dogs imaginable and really deserve a chance at adoption.’ Nora, an English Pointer, is one of three rescue dogs and three cats in the Spence household.

Bayo Ajibola

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