Magistrate forced to adjourn court hearing after woman s3x-starved for 3 years cried uncontrollably

A sex-starved woman, Siphelile Maroyi approached a magistrate’s court at Mwenezi in Zimbabwe as she wailed uncontrollably during court session which was forced to adjourn as she claimed her husband who last touched her three years ago, has since married another wife and stopped caring for his children.

According to The Mirror, there was mild drama in the court room as the woman who had approached the court seeking a protection order created a scene when she wailed in the middle of the hearing with claims that her husband, Rindai Tsvairai last made love to her three years ago.

she further narrated how her husband recently came in company of his niece came to collect a refrigerator, sofas, and other goods from the company house which they used to stay at Neshuro, saying  Tsvairai’s relative threatened to beat her when she asked them to stop. 

 she further said that husband have been squandering the wealth they accumulated together saying they had 115 herds of cattle but Tsvairai sold most of them without her knowledge.

 on his part, Tsvairai however denied the claim, saying they only had 15 cattle in their kraal and his wife refused to go and stay at their rural home after they left the company house.

Magistrate Honesty Musiiwa granted Maroyi the protection order before the adjournment. 

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