Man cries out for help over constant beating from his wife

A man with a slim body structure cried out for help from his huge wife who has turned him into her punching bag, beats him up at every chance.

“This suffering is too much” – Man cries out for help over serious beating from his wife

A Man has reportedly opted for gyming exercise following his wife’s constant domestic abuse.

He said;

“Good Evening Bro, I came across ur tweet about ur neighbor beating his wife. I have a similar case but in this case, it is my wife beating me. She beats me at every opportunity she gets because she is huge and am slim.

She will pin me down to our room chair and punch me till she is satisfied. Whenever i see opportunity to run out, she will lock the door and say am i not ashamed that she is beating me? Won’t the neighbors mock me? So I don’t always run out, i just struggle till she gets tired.

She slaps me at anytime and it is because she is bigger. Please, i stay around Gbagada, I don’t know if you know any gym where I can gym and be big like her so that i can confront her anytime.

I need a gym that can operate between 6pm to 9pm? Please, this suffering is much, you can ask your followers too. Please.”

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