Man dumped by girlfriend after she ate to her satisfaction in his house

A Twitter user has recounted how a friend was dumped by his girlfriend who had visited him, hungry.

@Kachidey4you, said his friend’s girlfriend had visited and said she was hungry and he rushed off to get her something to eat, after she had eaten, she told him the reason she had come was to end things between them.

Read below:

“My Guy’s babe visited, it was an unplanned visit. So Man Rushed outside, bought food cause she was Hungry. He had to go far distance, just to get her food.

Babe ate to her satisfaction, then told him why she came. She came to tell him that’s “it’s over btw them”

Painful part was baba was playing “Aye” by Davido as he watched her eat not knowing he’d be later served

Why you gon do a Nig like that?”

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