Why Man Dumps His Beau Celebrity Girlfriend To Focus More On Playing “Call Of Duty” Game

A YouTube geek gamer and pro game player has dumped his girlfriend in order to focus more on his game of choice: Call of Duty.

The YouTuber, Douglas ‘FaZe Censor’ Martin disclosed this in a video saying that he had to break up with his Mexican girlfriend of 3 years so as to play more call of Duty.

It was learnt that his girlfriend, Yanet Garcia, is a weather girl from Mexico who has been called the ‘Sexiest Weather woman in the world’ and she tweeted that she was heartbroken which seemed to confirm the split.

The YouTube gamer explained that Yanet’s decision to move back to Mexico city to pursue her career proved too much for the relationship to take and that he had gaming commitments to Call of Duty that meant he couldn’t see her as much as he’d like to.

Watch video below:

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