Man jailed for stabbing ex-girlfriend 25 times

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A man who stabbed his ex-girlfriend 25 times with a kitchen knife after telling her ‘wherever you go, I will find you’ has been jailed for her murder.

Cleaner Gediminas Jasinskas, 29, will spent at least 20 years in prison for stabbing, 26-year-old Cristina Magda-Calancea’s in the UK last September.

When Cristina Magda-Calancea arrived home from work in Kings Lynn at around 10pm, Jasinskas stabbed her in the neck, chest, abdomen and groin with a 20cm knife.

The Romanian woman who lived and worked in the UK, died in hospital the next day.The couple had dated for almost two years after meeting at a factory they both worked, according to Yahoo News UK, but had recently broken up, NEWSCASTARS.COM learnt.

He pleaded guilty and was given a life sentence.

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