Man Lists What Men And Women Should Do To Keep Their Marriage Alive

A singing talker was invited to an event and he listed five things that men need to do to their wives to keep the Marriage alive and he told women two things they need to do.

Some of you might agree or disagree but I find his submission really shocking.

He says:

”Men if you want to get the best wife do five things for your wife

1. Always give your wife money

2. Don’t forget to give her money

3. Keep giving her money

4. Don’t go out without giving her money

5. If the money finishes go and borrow money

Women cannot do without money. They like money, if money dey women go dey loyal.

Women if you want your husband to love you. Do two things for your husband.

1. Don’t ever love your husband. Na useless woman dey love man. You cannot love a man. Na man get right to love you. The Bible said Man loves your wife, wife be submissive to your husband. Give us respect, we no need your yeye love, we no need your food we know mama put wey dey cook well.

Man no need your cherry, e no dey bring money. Man need only respect

2. Avoid our phones, leave it for us. What you are looking for in the phone is inside. If you see am na you go cry. If you cry too much you go to your papa’s house.

Man na no leave no transfer no man can leave his house for a woman”

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