Man murders brother in Anambra for beating their mother

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A man identified as John Okoye has been apprehended by the police after he gruesomely murdered his elder brother, Osita Okoye for allegedly beating and stripping their mother unclad.

According to Mrs. Joy Okoye the aggrieved mother who explained the circumstances that led to the ugly incident, the blame is on the deceased however, the younger brther who is alive is suffering unjustly

In her words;

“After cook­ing on that fateful night, I was in­side the house resting when Osita returned home. After his bath, I offered him food but he asked me to forget about the food because he had a more pressing issue to discuss with me. He said he had a misunderstanding with one of his cousins from my family over a land mark and that he reported the case to security agents.

“I tried to let him see reasons why the issue would have been resolved within the larger family, instead involving security men for his cousin brother. That was how he erupted and branded me unprintable names. He even asked me to leave his presence.

“He raised his voice but I tried to calm him down because it was late already, around 10 pm. I went to lock the door just not to let out our discussion to neighbours but he went after me and flung the door wide open. I also explained why he should not fight with his cousin over the land. The explanation did not go down well with him.

“Before I could sit down, he slapped me and tore my dress. I ran to the back yard to get a cover for myself. It was in the process that my second child (John) came to my rescue. John tried to pacify him to no avail and questioned the rationale behind beating me. He (John) told him it was late already and that he should stop disturbing other neighbours. But instead of listening to him, he (the deceased) ran into the house and collected knife to fight his brother.

“I tried to hold him back not to fight his brother with the knife, he collected the torch which I was holding and struck it against the wall and pounced on his brother, hitting him with the object twice in quick succession. John defended himself by forcefully snatching the knife from him, which led to a fatal injury that eventually claimed his life after he had bled profusely with no vehicle available to rush him to hospital.

 “I plead with the police to release John and allow us to settle it ami­cably because I cannot stand losing my two sons. John and Osita are my only children. So, John is now my only possession. Now that he is in police custody, no one is giving him food and there is no transport fare to go see him. What will I be living for again and none of them is married; their father died some years back”

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