Man Must Take All Financial Responsibilities In Their Marriage

Bayo Ajibola

When it comes to responsibilities between couples, intending couples and other relationships that involves man and woman, the man must understand that every financial part of it is for him. There is no where in Nigeria culture or tradition where woman takes care of the financial part no matter how buoyant she is at the time of the need.
Every man must have this understanding before they involve in any relationship in order to save them of heartbreak or disappointment from their partners because without such understanding, a man will be disappointed and get paralysed when he discovered millions in his partner account or purse when they are in need of just 100k and the woman did not bring out the money.
Men needs to understand that our women are not wired to spend from their own income, but they can buy heaven with someone else money (I am not criticising women here, I was only saying fact)

Firstly, you have to agree with the above fact.
There are practical ways to cheat woman without fight or argument and it is not making her feel like it is her responsibility. Never show her that you feel that it is her responsibility to partake in whatever you guys intend to finance. The best way is to tell her that you do not have or you are not capable of doing it alone at the moment and you will need her assistance. Let her feel that she is assisting you and not that it is her responsibility. The two of you will need to evaluate the need and agree on the sharing ratio; how much you expect from her as per support (not her duty).
You must make it clear as early as possible because it will take sometimes for her to adjust her believe system to the new reality(e.g wedding plans, you need to start discussing that immediately you agreed to marry each other n not when it is almost few weeks).

Men, we do not have to criticise our women in this regards, it is how they are been wired, either by upbringing or environmental factors. We only need to ask for wisdom to handle the reality.

Secondly, our men should not be seeing themselves as CEO who sits and watch their staffs doing all. We have to start assisting in domestic activities and also allow their opinions in all affairs ( not a must to apply opinion)

Women!!!!! Please, let us start reducing the believes and start seeing the responsibilities as a joint task.

Happy homes and relationships

Bayo Ajibola

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