Man Reportedly Fights Off Armed Robber Attempting To Violate His Wife

The suspect, Omoniyi was allegedly arrested while attempting to rape a woman after robbing her family of valuables.

According to the police, he entered the apartment through the window around 1am and dispossessed the couple of their money and other valuables. They were able to bring out just N50,000. 

Not being satisfied with the cash, he asked the woman to go and bring more valuables from her room. He followed the wife into her room and asked her to lie on the bed and she obeyed because he was holding a gun. The woman shouted that he was about to rape her and her husband rushed in with four other men. 

He was overpowered before he could go for his gun having dropped the gun on the ground while trying to rape the woman. They beat him up, seized the gun and handed him over to the police.

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