Man seeks advice after exposing his cheating dad which led to his parent separation

Young man is unhappy after exposing his dad’s extra marital affair with another woman which led to his parent divorcing.

@theglowstitches who shared the story wrote:

“Advise him.

At 19, He saw his dad cheat and told his mom. The marriage ended and of course he got to stay with his mom. However, the man his mom remarried to was an abuser and she didn’t leave

His mom is late now, died in a road accident but he can’t move on. He keeps asking, what if he didn’t say anything? what if his dad changed? what if karma is waiting for him too? This is why he’s still single. E pass me, I say make I ask una.

I missed some details, but I can’t post screenshot because there are too many details in it. His dad didn’t get married again too He has two elder siblings who indirectly blame him till date.”

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