Man seeks advice as he is set to wed ex-girlfriend after death of her husband

A man is set to marry his ex-girlfriend after the death of her husband saying he is still in love with her and is willing to marry her despite the fact that she is now a single mother.

Seeking advise, he wrote:

 “Please don’t mind my errors but I need help because I am really confused…

To cut the story short, I dated a girl for 2 years which her family and mine are fully aware, she’s an Igbo girl and I am from Rivers State.

2018 I wanted to get married to her all of a sudden her parents refused, they started talking about tribal differences, I told them even my mum is an Igbo woman but they don’t want to to listen. It got worst when the Rev. Fr said no they should not allow her marry me because they are Catholic. I felt very bad, but how will I do, I moved on with my life.

That same year they gave her out in marriage to one guy who based abroad, I congratulated her without any grudges. They got married and this year the man died but they have a son, the man has been buried but I still love her and she is willing to come back to me, infact as it stands we are more than lovers.

But I am giving her space so that she will mourn her husband very well and I don’t want people to feel I prayed for the man to die so that I can take her back, because she said nothing will stop her this time. My problem now is should I let her go or marry her because I love her so much 100%?

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