Man seeks advise as he narrates his experience with his girlfriend and a little baby

One Abdul Laslim is seeking for advice over a little baby’s attitude towards his girlfriend whenever she comes visiting.

He claimed that the little baby who lives in his compound cries whenever she sees his girl, making him wonder if his girlfriend is a witch.

He wrote:

“I am in my early 30 and I have been dating this lady for a year now and we are planning to settle down together and this happened.

There is this 11 months old baby in my compound who is very close to me and she just started walking. The very first time she saw my girl, she was soo scared and started crawling very fast towards her mum and crying. I quickly ran after her and carried her back to where my girl was sitting down, this time, the crying and running became very intense, I was shocked and I asked why the baby was so scared of her and she said she doesn’t know.

Two days later, she came to my place and immediately this baby saw her she was scared and crying that was when I jokily asked her if she is a witch and she got angry and left my house. After she left, a lot of questions started running through my mind: like, is she a witch? Does she has a marine spirit? What did that little girl saw in her? In fact a lot of questions. She later called that same night and was like; baby, I am not possess ooh, I should not allow this little baby come between us ooh and that she loves me very much.

To cut the story short, less than two weeks later, the baby DIED. I was so scared if the baby actually saw something in her and she decided to shut the baby up ( I don’t know, just an assumption).

Ever since then, I have been scared of my girl and I really don’t know what to do. Please, I need your candid advice.”

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