“No asking for money, no nasty smells” – Man shades African ladies, lists advantages of dating white women

A South African man identified as Josey Ncube, took to Facebook to make a mockery of black women as he listed the advantages of dating white woman.

Showing off his white girlfriend, Ncube wrote:

1.No noise
2. No weaves
3. Clean punani
4. No nasty smells
5. Educated
6. No hairy punani
7. Tight punani
8. Good looking kids
9. Respect
11.Kinky shit
12. No asking for money
13. No noise
14. No mthakathi
15. No noise

Clean punani, no asking for money" - South African man shares photos of his girlfriend, lists advantages of dating white women

Read some reactions to his post below;

Rosana Philda Why would a white woman ask for money when they know when they decide to leave you they will take half your property and make you pay for their upkeep every month…… We need to get clever than them….. Wait for the guy to get rich leave him n take half.

Obinwanne Godwin see ladies calling him names but on a serious note the guy was right… till our girls change and understand that marriage is not dating…. just as white are good in technology i swear down they are good when it comes to marriage. make i come.waka…. truth they say is bitter but the guy just nail it

Nwoye Emeka Emmanuel Heeyy brother mua follow your thought.
Mostly the tight Virginia,less noise and the money part…
99% of black ladies clearly turned relationship to money business,even the remaining 1% will still ask for money.

Unkle Saint Did he say no nasty smell? Hmmm I have dated more than 12 oyibo girls so forget that smelling things them no de shower oooo black women remains the best

Savior Afangideh Clean kitchen>>>>no food No asking for money>>>>that mean you don’t have money to give to her, rather you are totally depends on her money whereby you become boyboy for her. Paddy wise up don’t become slave in white man country.

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