Man shares experience with ex girlfriend who came over to his house

A Nigerian man has taken to his social media platform to share his weird encounter with ex girlfriend who came over to his house.

He wrote:

“My girlfriend cheated on me and still chose the guy she cheated on me with. I haven’t been able to love another girl the same way I loved her and I’m still feeling hurt. This happened May 2019 but still it is still fresh in my head.

Now she came to visit me in my house alone. She was all touchy so I touched her and we started making out and from there it lead to s**.

After sometime, she started crying and pushed me out and left my house, came online and started saying I’m a bad person for making her cheat on her boyfriend. Now I don’t know if I should be feel guilty or not. This was the same person that cheated on me and her boyfriend now is still the same guy who she cheated on me with”

See post below;

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