Manscapping, The Art of Manhood

Bayo Ajibola
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Manscapping, The Art of Manhood

Manscapping has been defined as the removal or trimming of hair in a man’s body for cosmetic purposes.

Manscapping has nothing to do with the metrosexual man. Every man has to ensure that he is well groomed and neat inside out regardless of the occasion. Inside out meaning from the beard on his face to the underworld unseen by everyone else except him.

Do not get it twisted

Grooming yourself is important but do not overdo it. No girl wants a man who spends more time in the bathroom than she does. You also do not need to buy expensive products so as to look like the man on the billboard. Work with what you have. Get polished and see the amazing results.

The requirements

First and foremost you need to know the rules of the game. Rule number one, dry skin is a no go zone for manscapping unless you really want to hurt yourself. Go along with the do’s and don’ts of shaving and you will be just alright. Shower gels are great. You will be able to scrub your skin without getting rid of moisture. This gel works on every part of the body even where you hold your precious cargo.

You will definitely need some shaving oil to give your razor that very essential smooth glide. Your hair will get softer and your skin is also protected from burning. If you are not a fan of foam products then go for something translucent. You will definitely need one when working on that sensitive cargo area.

How to shave

The groin area

You will first of all need to do some trimming. Ensure that you use electric clippers because you will be safer with them. After trimming go ahead and apply the gel. Shaving gels are translucent and therefore you will be able to see everything and do a thorough job. All the whiskers will be done away with.

The next step is where you get to work with the razor. Ensure that your non shaving hand holds the skin back and then start working on the balls. Do this gently as you head towards the shaft and do not go against the blade’s grain. Be gentle with yourself.

Inflammation will definitely take place and you need to protect yourself from the same. Do not use aftershave splashes or the alcohol content with them will have you screeching for help. Use an aftershave balm instead. This will help cool things down. Aftershave balms containing camphor or aloe seem to perform best in this category


The procedure here is quite easy and it is the same procedure you will use for your arms. The first thing you will need to do is trim down the hair. Next, its time for some exfoliation. You need a good gentle scrub to get rid of dead skin and open up your pores. The result is a smoother skin that results in a smoother shave.

Now get some shaving gel and lather up before getting down to shaving. After that do some thorough rinsing in the shower before using a soothing lotion to cool things down.



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