Marriage didn’t affect my career negatively – Actress, Biola Adekunle


Nigerian actress, Biola Adekunle, has revealed that she can do anything in a movie except going naked adding that her husband has been supporting her career.

While speaking to, Saturday Beats, Biola Adekunle said:

“Marriage didn’t affect my career negatively because my husband supports my craft. I can take on any role; however, there is a limit to the romantic roles I play. He is on set with me sometimes, he is my pillar. He is not the type of man that is jealous; I guess it is because he trusts me. When I acted as a tout in a movie, it seemed challenging initially, but my boss motivated me to do it.

“I can do anything for my job but not to the extent of going naked. Despite the failed marriages in the industry, I wasn’t scared when I got married because I knew I was marrying my friend. My husband doesn’t even listen to rumours or gossips about me. He tells people it is the nature of my job.

“In this movie industry, I am always careful; I don’t try to impress anybody. I can wear anything I like. These days, I produce movies because I just want to keep my career alive. At the end of it all, I don’t really get enough profit from the movies I make. Marketers always give several excuses. Most of us have a ‘side hustle’ (another business) because the proceeds we realise are not impressive at all,”

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