Do Men Cheat on Pregnant Wives

Bayo Ajibola
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Infidelity during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a critical moment in every couple’s life, both men and women and alike. For women, it is a journey, wonderful and strenuous in equal measure. For men, this is an opportunity to be supportive and caring for your partner.

While the news of having a baby is good news, to some couples the excitement is short-lived. It is estimated that 1 in every 10 men cheat on their women during pregnancy. Although there are some who get away with it, most are caught and this ruins their relationships with their partners.

While pregnancy is no excuse for a man to cheat, most men have expressed neglect and lack of attention from their partners as the cause of their inexcusable behavior. While some regretted their actions, others have blamed their pregnant wives for their indiscretion.

Here are some reasons why men cheat on their pregnant wives

  1. Emotional and physical neglect – Most men complain about their wives being distant during pregnancy. Some pregnancies may not be friendly to the man leaving him feeling neglected and uncared for. In terms of sex and intimacy, the changing physique and hormones of the woman may cause her to be sexually disinterested leaving the man’s needs unattended. In such a case, the man finds solace from other women
  2. Unappealing Physical changes in the woman’s body – All women experience changing physique while pregnant. In most cases, the additional weight takes a toll on the woman’s body rendering her unattractive. Some men are repulsed by these changes and no longer feel aroused by their partners. To satisfy their sexual urges, they cheat with other women.
  3. Insecurity – Psychologists actually attest to some men feeling insecure about their unborn babies. With all the attention shifting to the baby during pregnancy and after childbirth, they seek attention from other women as they are not getting enough of it from their partners.
  4. Unresolved problems in the relationship – If there are some underlying issues in your relationship that have not been resolved; pregnancy only aggravates the situation further. The men feel like it is not the right time to resolve your issues. Others may feel trapped by the pregnancy and in an effort to retaliate, they end up cheating.

Tell signs that your man is cheating

As a pregnant wife, you are bound to notice some strange behavior in your man. While you can be confused on the clarity of these signs, your instincts will also tell you when something is amiss. For a man that is cheating, these are the signs to watch out for.

  • Numerous ‘work’ calls even past working hours
  • Your man suddenly becomes keen on his appearance unlike before
  • The man stops asking for sex and does not seem to mind that he is not getting it
  • Your man starts to spend more time away from home giving reasons that do not quite add up.




Cheat on your pregnant wife is the ultimate low for any man. The reasons that would drive you to cheat should be discussed with your partner to find out a way how to address them. Remember pregnancy is temporary. Allow your wife to go through it in peace and soon she will be back to her old self.


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