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Men’s Health Symptoms of Low Testosterone

Even though the hormone testosterone is found inside the bodies of both men and women, it is generally identified as the male sex hormone. In males, testosterone is produced in the testicles and it helps in the growth and development of the penis, testicles, body hair and voice all through puberty. It is this hormone that is responsible for sexual capabilities like sperm production, sex drive, erection etc. among others.

However as men age, their testosterone levels start to decline. This decrease leads to a couple of transformations to both mental and physical health. So, look out for all these warning warning signs of low testosterone levels in men.

Low sex drive
Testosterone performs a vital role in a man’s libido. Decreasing amounts of testosterone will result in lack of sexual desire. Though it may be normal to experience a decreasing sex drive as one ages, a sudden loss in interest might be a symptom of low testosterone levels

Erectile problems

Just as testosterone boosts sex drive, it also helps in stimulating an erection indirectly. It does so by stimulating brain receptors to generate nitric oxide which is actually molecule that triggers an erection. So consider weak erections as a symptom of lowtestosterone level.

Low semen production

Testosterone may also affect semen production in men. The greater the testosterone level, the higher the semen production. Hence, if one notices a reduction in semen at the time of ejaculation, be warned.

Testicle shrinkage

Very low testosterone takes a toll on the sexual capabilities of a man. This decline may also affect his testicles and might make it shrink and soft.

Loss of hair

Testosterone can also help in the development of body hair as one attains puberty. Hence, as men get older they start to go bald because there is a decrease in testosterone production. But, if one notices substantial changes in loss of face or body hair, it may be a manifestation of low testosterone levels.

Trouble sleeping

Very low testosterone levels plus a decline in levels of energy will affect one’s quality of sleep and lead to insomnia. In a reverse scenario, insufficient sleep could also cause low testosterone levels. Look out for this viscous circle of sleep and lowtestosterone as it will severally impact your well-being.

Emotional trouble

Besides the actual physical transformations, low testosterone has also been proven to affect one emotionally. It could lead todepression and sadness as well as other issues like lack of self-confidence and trouble concentrating.


Men with low testosterone regularly feel exhausted. Other possible signs of low testosterone are depression, low vitality and lack of sleep.

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