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It has come to be accepted that pregnancy and menstruation are mutually exclusive. If one occurs then the other definitely does not occur. There are women however who say that it is possible and they have experienced it themselves!

For most women this is abnormal because it just doesn’t sound right. Getting knocked up should signal a break from the redrobot seeing as it is not always fun to have a visit from Auntie Flo. There are times however that an expectant woman can have some bleeding or spotting.

It can’t be called menstruation since it doesn’t fit the description. Menstruation is described as the breaking down of the uterine lining since the egg that was released during ovulation didn’t get fertilized. You are pregnant because the egg that was released during ovulation got fertilised so this contradicts the menstruation during pregnancy statement.

Bleeding can be construed as serious or something you can ignore. This will depend on the underlying cause of the bleeding. Causes that can be ignored include breakthrough bleeding and implantation bleeding. Implantation bleeding occurs when the egg implants onto the uterine lining and the burrowing causes part of the lining to break down.

Breakthrough bleeding is when the menstruation hormones are fighting for center stage when it is time for the pregnancy hormones to shine. Those that went through a fertility treatment like IVF may experience a little bleeding after conception. Sometimes the body hasn’t processed the pregnancy information especially if you conceive right before your periods. Your period continues as usual but eventually stops.

Bleeding during pregnancy may also indicate some underlying problems. Sometimes there is a harmless non-cancerous growth (cervical polyp) that could bleed because of the pregnancy hormones or sex. Sex in itself can cause some bleeding because there is more blood flowing to the cervix during pregnancy.

Infections like vaginal infections can irritate the cervix and make it more prone to bleeding especially after sex, a pap smear or any kind of internal exam. An infection can easily be treated with antibiotics but be sure to go to a doctor first for tests.

If you experience severe bleeding, pain of any kind (even headaches) or even visual disturbances like flashing lights you should see your doctor immediately. It could be an indication of something more serious though these don’t happen that often.

Be sure to relax and explain yourself to the doctor very well so that they can know which tests to perform so as to figure things out.




Bayo Ajibola

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