My boyfriend is so messy and I can’t handle it!

I’ve been dating my boyfriend for close to five years now and marriage is in the plan. We haven’t done so yet because money has been a little tight and he’s required to pay dowry. The problem is that my boyfriend has begun doubting my seriousness and readiness for marriage because I don’t like going to his house.

My boyfriend keeps a messy house and I don’t like that environment at all. His house is moldy and extremely messy every single time I show up. Nothing is ever clean, including cups, plates, or even bedsheets. I try to help him clean up whenever I go but I’m getting tired of cleaning up his mess. I’ve even asked him to find someone to help him do the cleaning but he never does. The mess is why I don’t like going to his house. It makes me very uncomfortable and anxious.

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I keep my house tidy and whenever he comes over I make sure everything is clean and ready for use. There’s always a clean towel, clean clothes, and anything else he could possibly need during his stay. His house gives me anxiety and I have to clean up so I can comfortably hang around him there. Add to this the fact that I have to always carry a clean pair of bedsheets because his sheets are never clean and his mattress is moldy.

He’s annoyed with me at the moment and isn’t speaking to me because I’m hesitant to go to his place. I honestly always show up for him and support him in any way I can but this particular thing is proving a little difficult to do. Going to his house is just torture. What do I do in this situation?

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