Miriam Makeba’s grandchildren win rights to her music

Lumumba and Zenzile Lee, the grandchildren of popular South African singer, Late Miriam Makeba, were sued by Graeme Gilfillan, the owner of Siyandisa Music, in a bid to block their access to the singer’s intellectual property as well as the rights to her legacy.

According to BBC Africa, the music company’s aim was to retain full ownership of Makeba’s name, while preventing the South African Hall of Fame from inducting the singer without a written approval from the company.

In Siyandisa argument, she said that Makeba had earlier taken steps during her career to commercialize her catalogue even after her death.

However, Makeba’s family claims that the agreement was fictitious.

Finally, a judge ruled against Siyandisa Music citing South Africa’s Trust Property Control Act, which states the roles and rights of trustees.

This means that the legendary’s intellectual property now solely belongs to her two grandchildren.

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