Mirror of the past: Episode 1 continuation.

Bayo Ajibola

” Hello, I am at the gate” came the voice at the other end. Finally his voice came through. With tears in my eyes and pain in my heart I waggled with my bulging tummy to open the gate. ” Am sorry, don’t just start” Olumide said as he walked past me to the sitting room. Why aint you bringing in your car I asked. ” Well I quickly dashed in to tell you that am ok and to drop off my frends at home, I will be back but you can go to sleep”. He didnt waste a second more before he rushed out of the house again.

I looked on as he drove off without an iota of care.

The only thing I could think of was to cry myself to death. But, i could not. So I lay in bed flipping the pages of my life as it unfolds before me. I wanted to sleep but, sleep  eluded me and all i could do was just cry and cry. And, the question that kept rummaging my mind was; why me?

This was just one of the numerous late nights he keeps.

As I lay in bed quietly, I traveled down memory lane, taking aback to the ugly past.

We traveled quite a distance to my father in law’s place after the whole wedding program. I cried all the way from Akure to Ife. I missed home so much.

As we travel in the car, something in me told me there is danger ahead. His words on me right in the presence of the driver, his best man and my best lady were so harsh. I remember telling me ” I know you are a spoilt brat but I will drum  some sense into you” I remember we all laughed but within me i knew there was trouble.

Having pay obeisance as culture demands to my father in law, we proceeded to the hotel room and the story of my journey and my first marriage with Tadese began.

At the hotel room, I was left all alone by myself in the room. Tadese went to the room where his friends were lodged and on they went on chatting all through the deep of the night, and I cried for the future unknown. When I could no longer bear the burden of a bride spending the night all by herself, I picked my phone and put a call through to him. He wasted no time in peeping through the door to ask what the problem was. “are you ok?” ” you are still shedding this yeye tears”

In a husky but low voice torn apart with tears, I said “I am lonely, that is why I called”. it was at that point he realised how long he’s been gone. Then he retired for the night.

As any bride would expect, wedding night show.. I was scared to wit of what pains it would give as a virgin. It was indeed a painful experience and each time I think of it, it was not worth it. My journey to woman hood was a bloody, painful, carefree one.

Hmmmm! on Sunday morning, off to church we went for thanksgiving. I danced as expected of a new bride but sadness engulfed me within. Monday morning as a against our plan, he was called back to work. So we had to return to our base in Akure. Lest I forget, Tadese is a weekend husband because he works in Ilesha. So, he went straight from Akure to Ilesha and I went home.

He returned the following weekend with just his travel bag and clothing. All was already set in the house which i single handedly equipped.

Now the journey…

Bayo Ajibola

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