Model posts selfie next to her dead father’s body in hospital for likes

An international top model, Jelica Ljubicic, is reported to have posted a selfie next to her dead father’s body in the hospital for likes.

Upon sharing the offensive post, she penned down a message which read:

‘We have fought as much as we can, but it is not our will. We don’t decide how long we will live. ‘He left us in the 67th year of life. Thank you for everything, I am grateful for being your daughter, and having you as my father. ‘Thank you for bringing us to the right path. Rest in peace, you will always stay in our hearts.’

In reaction to what she had done, a social media user pointed out a quite important cue which she could have taken note of. It read:

This is how much she cares for her father she has the time and strength to take photos.’

Another social media user took to the comment section and wrote,

‘Only a sick person can do this.’

And yet, another exasperated one,

‘I can’t believe what am I reading and seeing. No, there is no hope for this world.’

The model has since taken down the post owing to the negative vibes she was getting

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