Mom arrested for allowing men rape and infect her 2-year-old daughter with STD

A 25-year-old mom identified as Azzie Watson, has been arrested and charged to court for allowing men rape her 2-year-old daughter and infect her with sexually transmitted disease.

The young mother who is based in Kansas City was on Tuesday charged with child abuse and endangerment.

According to court documents, Watson’s boyfriend recorded the mother-of-two talking about repeatedly taking her eldest daughter to a house where the toddler was raped by two men about five times.

She says on the recording that she watched the sexual assaults and called herself ‘a coward.’

The disturbing case began unfolding on June 29, when police were called to a hospital in Kansas City, Missouri, for a report of a rape.

While at the hospital, police were handed the recording of Watson’s alleged confession, leading to her arrest on an unrelated charge of failure to appear in court.

Court documents say when interviewed by detectives in jail last week, Watson claimed that what she said in the recording was a lie because she was scared of her boyfriend.

Detectives informed the mother-of-two that her two-year-old daughter tested positive for an STD and also had methamphetamine in her system.

Both the little girl and her one-year-old brother were also found to have foreign metal objects lodged in their feet, apparently from walking barefoot inside their mother’s home littered with debris.

Watson said she did not know how her daughter contracted a sexually transmitted disease.

Both of her children’s have been living with a foster parent since June, and it was the siblings’ caregiver who took them to the hospital on June 29 after the two-year-old girl, who never met her father, told the woman as she was changing her diaper, ‘Daddy hurt me.’

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