Morning Sickness Can Come Late in Your Pregnancy

Bayo Ajibola

Morning Sickness Can Come Late in Your Pregnancy

Late Morning Sickness.The most common sign of pregnancy is morning sickness. Nausea and vomiting can come at any time of the day (even though it is known as morning sickness) and it can be really annoying. The one thing that most expectant women are told is that it will end in the first trimester so they should just hang in there so they keep hope alive and continue keeping crackers close by.

First trimester ends and for some, morning sickness doesn’t end with it. It may stop for a while but reappear in the second and sometimes even the third trimester! Now that’s a frustrating experience and especially if you had it particularly rough in the first trimester.

Possible causes

  • Fluctuations in the hormone levels (this may be rare but is still a possibility)
  • Relaxation of the gastrointestinal muscles. This causes digestion to slow down and food may be forced back up into the oesophagus.
  • The baby’s weight could be exerting a lot of pressure on the stomach thus pushing food upwards.
  • Eating a large amount of food at a go.
  • Eating foods that may be particularly difficult to digest such as acidic, oily or spicy foods.
  • If the woman was already experiencing acid reflux.

What to look out for

The things that will stand out are of course nausea and vomiting. It counts as late morning sickness if it persists for more than two days. It is important to maintain a close relationship with your doctor if you are constantly vomiting so as to keep you from getting to dehydration.

Just like regular morning sickness, late morning sickness is normal and should not worry you too much. You should however get concerned if it is coupled with the following symptoms.

  • high fever
  • headaches
  • diarrhoea
  • blurred vision and visual disturbances
  • swelling in the arms, face or legs
  • bleeding (even if the blood appears in your vomit)

The reason why the above symptoms require immediate attention is because they may be an indication of something more serious like an infection, food poisoning, labour or pre-eclampsia. Some infections can trigger labour and this may be dangerous if the baby is not yet ready to see the world.

What about my baby?

Thankfully, the baby remains safe even if you have late morning sickness. It is however dangerous for the baby if you get extremely dehydrated. It is also dangerous if the vomiting is keeping you from eating well. This leaves you malnourished and the baby doesn’t get enough nutrients to grow.

How to treat it

Treating it can be as simple as taking anti-nausea medication as well as antacids. Other tried and tested morning sickness remedies like crackers, ginger and sucking on a lemon wedge can be used if they prove effective. Proper hydration and feeding habits should also be adhered to so as to ensure that it does not get to dangerous levels. Those that are already dehydrated need immediate medical attention. They will probably be put on fluids intravenously to attain proper hydration levels and protect her and the baby in the process.

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